Bridge Rehabilitation



Bridge rehabilitation is to restore, to bring back the full use of a bridge. Nowadays many factors are causing the deterioration of our bridges. Factors such weight of vehicles, pollution and limited maintenance are some of the things that influence in the deterioration of our structures. Many of the bridges that already exist are not in their best conditions and they need attention. Many of them need to be evaluated and in some cases rehabilitated. For this reason, load rating and bridge rehabilitation are the two main topics that we will cover in this training series.

With the advancements of technology, we can simulate almost anything. We can predict the behavior of a structure without having it built, just by using a computer. We can use this in our advantage to simulate the behavior of a rehabilitation of a bridge.
Many bridges need to be partially close because of their capacity for example. With technology we can easily detect if an addition of a member or reinforcement can bring that structure back to its full operation. This is why analyzing learning about why this is important and how it can be done is key with our industry and infrastructure.
In this second session, we will cover the different factors that influence in the deterioration of bridges and other structures, how we can improve the lifespan of substructures, the advantages of analyzing and reviewing the expected results from the rehabilitation.
The main objectives of this session is to learn how an easy tool like midas Civil can save us time and money when analyzing or performing the rehabilitation of a bridge.

Key Topics

• Types of bridge rehabilitation
• Causes of bridge deterioration
• Importance of bridge Rehabilitation
• Bridge rehabilitation in midas Civil


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Speaker Edgar de los Santos
Category Bridge
Software midas Civil
Date 2016-11-17

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