[Prestressed Concrete Girder Composite Bridge] - Design Check/Load Rating/Excel Report


Design Check and Load Rating in midas Civil will be beneficial if you had one of the following experiences: 1) You have used conventional design programs for precast girder bridge but there was limitations with the accuracy of modeling, analysis, design/rating check. 2) You have used midas Civil for analysis so that you can check design in a separate spreadsheet or use the midas Civil analysis results to cross check design program analysis results. 3) You have spliced girder / post-tensioned bridge projects.


Overview of the Concrete Composite Girder Bridge Application in midas Civil

MIDAS has recently developed and implemented the design check and load rating as per AASHTO for Prestressed concrete composite girder bridges for any girder type including I girder, T girder, Box girder, Void box girders, etc. By using midas Civil, engineers no longer need multiple programs for finite element analysis, design, and load rating separately. All of the modeling, finite element analysis, design check and load rating can be handled in midas Civil. The design check and load rating output is nicely presented in the MS Excel spreadsheets with checking criteria, code clauses, equations and design force, moment and stress values.


Design Check in midas Civil

In midas Civil, users can check design for the model created. the design check can be performed for any prestressed girder bridges including the precast girder (I, Box, Next, T, etc.) bridges, post-tensioned spliced girder bridges, segmental bridges.
Especially for the post-tensioned spliced girder bridges, midas Civil can handle post-tension for the entire bridge length and pre-tension for the girder segments at the same time. Also, the post-tensioning sequence can be accurately modeled, analyzed, and, therefore, checked for design.

Load Rating in midas Civil

In midas Civil, multiple vehicles - design, permit, special, etc. - for different types and levels of rating can be defined and analyzed at the same time in one single model. The rating case and type can be distinguished for each vehicle type when defining the load rating inputs.
Also, midas Civil has database for AASHTO vehicles and numerous DOTs. For the vehicles that needs to be input manually, engineers can simply copy and paste the text data of the vehicles.


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Date 2016-05-26

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